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Meet Karen Potter, MS, HHC

In my early twenties, I was searching for answers about health, weight management and how to live and age healthfully. I found myself 20+ pounds overweight and feeling tired a lot.

I tried many of the popular diets, without much success. Then a friend introduced me to eating real, whole food. This began the journey I’m still on today.

I learned how to make consuming healthy, whole foods a lifestyle. I also learned how to prepare meals using whole grains and avoiding processed foods.

I lost my extra weight and kept it off for over 30 years. I have passed this lifestyle to my entire family and they have benefited tremendously. All four of my children were raised eating this healthy food without weight issues.

I took control of my health, started to feel healthier, and rarely get sick. Some years ago, I contracted Lyme’s Disease which led to thyroid and joint issues. I sought holistic help from a Nutrition Response Testing® practitioner.

Karen potter

They identified the stressors affecting my healing and some nutritional deficiencies. Utilizing whole food nutrition, herbs and homeopathy, I was put on a path to healing. My own personal belief is based on Hippocrates; “food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food.” This experience led me to seek further education in Nutrition Response Testing®.

Sharing Her Passion

My passion is to teach and equip others to have the success I had! Helping my clients to adopt healthier habits and learn how to maintain a healthy weight. They can enjoy good energy and focus, have great skin, and vibrant health!

Degenerative diseases are on the rise – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and a growing obesity epidemic. People feel sick, confused, and uncertain about what to do to prevent and reverse the risks of chronic illness.

My approach to helping others is twofold: 1. Educating them about health and implementing healthy strategies and life skills. 2. With Muscle Response Testing, I help my clients understand their unique bio-individuality. They learn how eating real food and having a personalized nutrition program can dramatically change their health.

I’m committed to help and educate all my clients, and their families, to achieve optimal health and wellness!

Certifications and More

I received my Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education degree in 2014. Enrollment in the prestigious Ulan Nutritional Advanced Clinical Training program followed. I earned my advanced certification in Nutritional Response Testing in 2016.

After being introduced to Morphogenic Field Technique, I knew I had to learn more about it. Training began in 2017, and I received my Advance Certification in 2019.

The Practice Today

Although I had online clients prior to the pandemic, social distancing increased that number dramatically. As a result, I decided to move all my clients to a virtual platform. All consultations are now done via Zoom or by phone.

Book an Appointment Today

Ready to find out more? Contact me to set up a consultation; (781) 640-7152. Let’s get you started on your wellness journey today.

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