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New Clients at Live Well Natural Healing

Everyone has an energy field. We want to enhance that field, and help balance, expand and maintain it as we go through our sessions.

Karen Potter is a holistic health practitioner. She tests her client’s energy to identify the underlying causes of their condition.

The Initial Consult

For each new client, after you complete our intake forms, your first consult with Karen will focus on identifying the base problem that led you to us. This session lasts about one hour, concentrating on information gathering, including a complete health history.

As part of your health evaluation, Karen looks at your foundational health, blocks to healing and any cellular pathways which may be broken. She has different testing methods to identify where the problem is located.

Karen Potter and patient

After discussing your concerns and problems, she will recommend the best program for you to start to achieve some balance.

Going Through the Process

We’re a ball of energy, and energy can get stuck anywhere in the body. When it does, it interferes with the body’s working. Because everything is made up of matter and energy, it can be changed.

We’re physical, emotional and spiritual beings. All levels have to be balanced for good health. We tap into your energy to test for blocks and interference in your healing process. Once we locate them, we can remove them.

We’ll work with you to put together the right program for your optimal health and wellness.

Financial Arrangements

Our services are not covered by insurance; we are a cash only practice. We accept all major credit cards. Please contact us with any questions.

Ready to Book?

It’s time to get your life back in balance naturally. Contact Live Well Natural Healing today and start enjoying life again.

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