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Live Well Natural Healing Services

Morphogenic Field Technique

Morphogenic Field Technique is a non-invasive alternative healing tool. As part of a natural healthcare practice, energy healing is used in conjunction with nutrition, herbs, nutraceuticals, and homeopathy for the best results.

The Morphogenic Field is a term used to describe the field of energy around the body. It’s an extension of the electrical energy of the nervous system. All electrical systems have electromagnetic fields that surround them. The brain generates its own field of energy extending away from the physical body.

Morphogenic Field Technique relies on information from the cell’s energy field. This guides us in developing nutritional protocols for each client. Cellular communication is the ultimate goal. When we address the exact nutritional needs at the cellular level, we affect the greatest change in health.

Karen Potter and patient

Morphogenic Field Technique utilizes muscle response testing to determine your nutritional deficiencies and blocks to healing. We compile a full health history and evaluation to determine the specific needs of your body. Clients enjoy better health and a restored, balanced field, so they can continue to heal as the body intended!

Nutrition Response Testing

We assess the underlying causes behind the issues within the body to determine what’s needed for healing. Chronic degenerative disease is often linked to blockages at an organ and cellular level.


Nutrition Response Testing is a muscle testing technique used to analyze the body. The system is based on Applied Kinesiology, the body’s organ reflexes and dermatomes. It’s used to identify deficiencies, stressors and toxins affecting the body. The results determine which nutrients are needed to restore good health.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

First, we identify the underlying reason your body is creating these symptoms. Then we can isolate and verify the whole food supplements and quantities specific to your body’s needs. This allows your body to heal its problems.

Personalized Food Planning

As unique individuals, there is no such thing as a “one nutrition plan fits all.” Learning the basics of nutrition and how your body works is the first step. This enables you to work out the exact right way YOU need to eat to achieve YOUR health goals.

Total Health Restoration

Our goal is your “total health restoration.” Your body constantly tries to heal itself, even when barriers present themselves. Food, toxins and even your scars can be blocks to your body’s healing. We help identify those blocks and support the body in healing!!

Our approach is different. We use muscle response testing assessment to precisely identify your body’s specific barriers. Starting with the primary block to your health, we take care of each one in turn. Each barrier is methodically tackled until you’re fully restored.

Emotional Clearing Method

Our bodies and minds are created to do wonderful things. Sometimes, they need a bit of an adjustment to perform at their best. The link between emotional issues and physical illness has become clearer after years of clinical study. Emotional health is essential to physical health and healing.

Emotional Clearing Method is an alternative approach to achieving healing and balance. Using muscle response testing, clients are tested for emotions that may have become blocked in their body. Once located, we’re able to remove them.

Emotional Clearing Method can help people release their negative emotions. These may be keeping them from living to their fullest potential. It can also be effective in the release of conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs.


Our bodies are exposed to chemical, metal and immune challenges through our environment and the food we eat. Some we’re even born with. Our detoxification programs assist the body in “cleaning house.” We’ll help you choose the one that’s right for you.

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